Welcome to Taste of Texas BBQ Catering

Specializing in smoked meats with a distinctive Texas flare, where BBQ sauce is a condiment.  Our exclusive BBQ menu is based on the number of guests being served and meat choices.  The larger your event, the lower the expense.   Our menu gives you a choice between standard meals with 3 sides or deluxe meals, which include a beverage and dessert.


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Welcome to BMW Catering LLC

Bruce & May Washington (B.M.W.) Catering offers a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts.  Clients are encouraged to think outside of the box, because there are culinary creations that do not appear on the menu.  We are open to theme parties, preparing foods from other regions, and developing recipes to fit your needs.  Cooking is our passion and we want to make your event memorable.  Dinner buffets require a minimum of 30 guests and food choices include 1 bread & 1 dessert.  Clients choose 2 main dishes & 3 sides @ $15.00 per person and up. 


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