Taste of Texas has 3 large pieces of equipment that we can be used for vending or catering at your event. “Big Tiny” is a custom made smoker with enough shelf space to cook 25 large turkeys. The back side of or smoker has four sinks with hot running water. We can cook, keep our food at a safe temperature and draw a crowd with the aroma of the cooking food.



We also have a mobile kitchen that has a refrigerator, gas burning stove, warmers, and hot running water. Food can be served through 2 open windows, with a shelf on the outside, to place orders. We affectionately call our kitchen the “Shack”, which can work with Big Tiny behind it, passing food through another set of windows on the back side.





Our third piece of equipment is a Southern Pride gas oven that uses wood, but is gas fired to maintain and regulate the cooking temperature. It uses a rotisserie system to self baste the product and a convection fan to move the heat and smoke around to produce consistent reliable results in every single use.